Mentorship Manager is designed for RBTs and BCaBAs that need to maintain their certification as well as for those pursuing their BCaBA and BCBA.

For individuals pursuing their BCaBA and those pursuing their BCBA:
-Mentorship Manager graphs your progress toward the goal of earning enough hours to sit for the BCaBA exam or the BCBA exam
-The system allows you to coordinate with your Mentor or Mentors in either a group setting or as an individual
-Upload documents and videos to your Mentor or Mentors through the system
-As you accomplish new goals, see your progress on the respective Task Lists
For Registered Behavior Technicians and Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analysts:
-Mentorship Manager helps you track your hours and your ongoing supervision with your Mentor
-Save all of your supervision forms in the system and sign and print them now or save them for later



  •   Informative graphs for overall picture
  •   Upcoming appointments
  •   Alerts to remind you about required actions
  •   Notifications to alert you of appointments and requests


  •   Monthly, weekly and daily calendar views
  •   Color coded meeting types for quick distinction
  •   Compliance guidelines and suggestions while adding new appointment
  •   Brief helpful overview of hours in selected supervision period


  •   Handy task list during a meeting
  •   Ability to publish meeting notes for communication and documentation
  •   Collaborative sharing of documents during a meeting
  •   Prior preparation of a meeting
  •   View task list skills marked by the mentor that are to be covered during the meeting

    Contacts & Groups

  •   Send mentorship request to a mentor
  •   View full profile of your mentors
  •   Quick access to next and previous group meetings


  •   View a goal assigned by your mentor
  •   Track all your goals
  •   Add a goal for yourself


  •   Take multiple choice quizzes assigned by your mentor
  •   Take feedback based short answer quiz assignments online
  •   Take interactive task assignments with attachments, in collaboration with your mentor
  •   Track all assignments deadlines

    Supervision Forms

  •   Auto-generated, pre-filled and editable supervision forms based on meetings scheduled in Calendar
  •   Sign and submit supervision forms to the mentor online
  •   Archive all supervision forms
  •   Auto-checks for validations and compliances

    Other Forms

  •   Download forms and documents uploaded by your mentor
  •   Fill, scan and upload forms and documents to share with your mentor
  •   Archive all forms and documents