The Institute for Behavioral Training (IBT) provides innovative training programs that meet the current and emerging needs of direct staff, parents, caregivers, and professionals that work with or care for individuals diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. IBT provides high-quality programs that feature diversity in content, convenient access, modern technology, and an expert instructional staff. IBT programs provide state of the art learning environments for parents, educators, and professionals who are interested in refining their skills.

IBT designed Mentorship Manager after spending many years mentoring individuals that were pursuing their BCBA or BCaBA certification. This tool is designed to help facilitate the increasing demand for mentorship and to ensure that stringent mentorship requirements are being appropriately met. BCBAs have to make their mentorship meaningful and effective while minimizing unnecessary administrative time. Mentorship Manager provides a cutting edge solution offering BCBAs a creative platform to make supervision more effective for RBTs, BCaBAs, and those pursuing their BCaBA and BCBA certification.